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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Wix website is already up, all I need is a redesign. Can you help me out?
    Of course we can help! But bear in mind that what is commonly referred to as a “redesign” is actually creating a website from scratch. If you've been thinking about redesigning your site, it means that you’re not happy with it. Most likely, you don’t like how it looks and you want a change from an aesthetic point of view. Aesthetics are important, but first of all we look at design in terms of usability and the performance of the site's functions. Styles, SEO (search engine optimisation) tags, a well-thought-out structure - all this is laid down in the initial stages of working on a site. There is no way to turn a website with a spontaneous structure and design into an efficient and neat website with just a few tweaks. Building a basic site with Wix is pretty simple, but the real work behind a successful website is precisely in the planning, designing, and building of a visual, marketing and content strategy. Our projects involve all this work, and it must be done from the ground up.
  • Can I see a rough draft of how my Wix website would look and then make a decision?
    Website development is primarily research, analysis and planning, and then everything else –unless you use a template as a container for all your content. That's not how we work.
  • I already have a Wix website. Can you get it to the top of Google rankings?
    The main key (and a mandatory precondition) in successful SEO is proper internal website optimisation and the quality of the site's content: unique, useful and interesting to visitors. There are no secret methods for manipulating search engines, as many people think.There are only organic ways to impact your site's ranking in search results (without guarantees of any kind). Another point that should be understood: Search engine rankings do not always affect your sales. If a website wasn't created professionally, it doesn't really matter how it is ranked, it won't be able to convert a visitor into a buyer or subscriber. SEO seems to only make sense if the approach to website building was correct (namely: was built by WIX PRO ).
  • I've picked a Wix template. Сould you build a site based on this template?
    All the websites in our portfolio are created from square one. We have never used and do not plan to use templates, even if we are asked to do so. Why do we do this and not use all those great templates? It's simple! We believe that each business has its own features, goals and audience, as well as its own “character”. No matter how talented are the designers who create templates, they do not know what your business needs, specifically. We know the Wix platform thoroughly and it makes no sense for us to waste time modifying templates according to your needs. We also know for sure that website creation does not begin with choosing a template, but with detailed research into your business and your audience, to create a website that will “speak” to them in their language (whether words, shapes or colours). Templates are just good examples of what can be done on Wix. Rest assured that not a single free template can be compared to a website tailored just to YOU!
  • The Wix platform is quick and easy to use. Why are you so expensive?
    With Wix managing your website, it is indeed quick and easy – and that's a benefit, not a flaw. Wix is just a tool to create a website, and a decent amount of work is done outside of it (research, content strategy, creating visuals, etc.) and we spent years learning this platform to be able to use it efficiently. As an award-winning studio with worldwide recognition, we place value on our time and effort and we’re confident that the result of our work is worth the money. Our portfolio and hundreds of satisfied clients are the best possible proof. To put it simply, our prices are based on our talent and high demand, not on someone's budget.
  • What information do you need from me to get work started on my new Wix website?
    Before proceeding, we ask you some questions, all of which relate to the marketing of your business. It’s important for us to get a better understanding of your goals, clients and market overall. You know your business inside-out and can explain how it works with as much detail as possible, given your knowledge of your products or services. We'll make sure that this invaluable information is used to the full benefit of your business – that your website addresses all of your potential customers' questions and nothing prevents them from pressing the "order" ("buy now"/ "pay"/ "call", substitute your CTA ☺) button! That's what we call web design! Take your time with this important stage – we'll wait.
  • Will I be able to edit and update my Wix website myself?
    Absolutely, that's the main benefit of the Wix platform! ☺ However, we strongly recommend that you don’t play with the design or make changes to set styles. The beautiful design you paid for is so easy to break and it would make us very sad, as we really put our heart and soul into our work We always ask our clients which content will be updated regularly, so that we can choose the right tools and make sure you can add/edit it without even opening the editor.
  • How many design options do you provide?
    The one and only.☺ Remember, we don't build websites using Wix templates, we create them from scratch. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to tailor a nice-looking and efficient design for your home page. We will present you with the final result from days of trial and error, experimentation with content architecture, fonts, colours, etc. and every single design decision has a reason behind it. If you don't like our creation, we'll start a discussion to produce something that you (as the site's owner) and us (as the site's creators) are both happy with. We don’t make arbitrary adjustments just to suit you as a customer (although it’s always easier and quicker to complete a project this way) – we explain what makes us consider an idea unsuitable. We are, however, happy to bring in changes if it makes sense. If you have a clear vision of your future website's design and structure, it’s worth mentioning this before work begins. (But we are no less effective if clients simply rely on our expertise and taste. You do not have to show us example projects you like or don’t. You can trust us as the professionals and rest assured that your project is in safe hands) Important note: In this field, success is generally regarded as how well your consumers’ expectations are met.
  • How many rounds of Wix website design reviews are included?
    It is usually up to the designer as to how many reviews they are happy to include in their contract. We don’t like to limit our clients to certain numbers – but it doesn’t mean that we will entertain you with endless reviews. We value our time and know what we’re doing. Having said that, it usually takes one or two rounds of reviews to reach agreement. Please note that comments and revision requests must be clearly stated. We cannot take into account comments like: "Make it more exciting", "Add some pizzas" or "I don't know what I don't like". We can only guess what those comments mean. Based on our significant experience, knowledge and skill, we do our best to deliver the most effective solution. The more than 400 successfully completed projects in our portfolio and multiple professional web design awards should give some hint that the decisions we make and the actions we take have weight. If the project is managed by a team at your end, please work out a collective response with proposed changes. We won’t accept fragmented comments from different representatives that contradict each other. Anyway, it will all work out, in the end 😉!
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