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Why choose wix

Why Wix?

Having been in digital marketing for 10+ years we have tried a number of different website builders. Wix is our choice and here's why:


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12 reasons to choose wix


Wix allows you to develop a website in reasonable timeframe. Todays market doesn't let you sit and wait. New products appears here and there every day, and you need to jump onto the first train. You can't spend months on website development.

Unique Design

Wix gives you a blank canvas and art tools to create anything you want. Check out our portfolio to see what we mean. All websites we create are created from a scratch.


You don't need a coder or programmer anymore (in most cases). Drag & Drop technology allows creation of cool websites without coding knowledge. You will also be able to do some changes on your website yourself.

SEO Tools

WIX had a long journey from being an SEO - unfriendly - platform to now when it has all the basic and advanced SEO tools you'll ever needed.

Photo & Video Stock

WIX updates its media library with Coll assets regularly. All photos and videos are free for commercial use. There are also other stock photos which you can access from your Wix dashboard and buy media files with a special price.

Wix App Market

Wix is not just a website builder. It is a very handy and powerful marketing tool with many additional apps which you can integrate to your website in two clicks: CRM, e-mail marketing, online booking, analytics, apps for events, restaurants and hotels and many more.

Better Every Day

We are lucky to communicate with the Wix development team directly and it is amazing to see how these people are devoted to what they do. New features, updates and products are coming up daily.

WOW Effect

Wix has all tools to create really cool modern websites with WOW effect. And that's what we specialise in :).

24/7 Customer Support

Regardless the simplicity wix is famous for the platform operated by very complex technologies and some bugs might happen. Wix doesn't leave you to battle with it alone. You can always rely on Wix Support, it is available in any language 24/7.

Mobile Version 

The mobile version of your website is the part of the deal. It is very easy to customise and to ensure your website looks great on mobile screens.

Wix Owner App

If you have a website with Wix the Wix Owner App is a must have! Download it from App Store or Play Store and manage your business from your pocket. Online chat with website visitors, blog, store products, e-mail marketing and many more, all in in the app.

Velo by Wix 

Velo (AKA Wix Code or Wix Corvid) is a full-stack development platform, indeed revolutionary tool. With Velo you can create dynamic content using database and create any custom functionality on your Wix website. 

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