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Wix Support

Just a few website building platforms can boast their own support team – and one of them is Wix! Regardless of their membership level or experience, any Wix website owner can get in contact with a real person from Wix Customer Care.

As a Wix partner in Australia, we have priority support. This means we have a personal manager at Wix who we can contact with any questions, issues or feature requests. Needless to say, all our clients have this priority, too. :)

For those who’ve created and manage their sites themselves, contacting Wix support might not be quite as easy. So we’d like to give you some advice and guidance on how to reach a Wix Customer Care specialist.

First of all, Wix doesn’t have a phone number to call in Australia; you can only request a callback or have a chat online with a Customer Care expert. But before you do that, we recommend trying to figure things out yourself – rest assured that in most cases you don’t even need to contact Wix Customer Care. The easiest and fastest solution is called Googling. :) Yes, that’s right, just Google it! Here’s the trick: Write your question and add “Wix” to your search query. You’ll usually find an answer with step-by-step how-to instructions. In some cases, you may discover that the functionality you need is not yet available – which is sad, but an answer nonetheless.

Wix also has an enormous support library, with resources like video tutorials and articles that cover each and every action, element and product. Make sure that any resource you find via Google is a genuine Wix article. There are tonnes of Wix-related videos and posts on the web and they may be out-of-date. Wix implements new features daily and even a post from just last year could be irrelevant now.

For more advanced, specific questions, there is the Wix dev knowledgebase and Velo Forum, where experienced Wix developers and Wix employees answer some tricky questions.

Don’t forget that Wix has a lot of built-in support. Left-clicking any object in the editor displays a toolbar with a “help” icon, and a Help menu is always available in the editor's own toolbar. Other areas like the Blog Manager have their own persistent help icon in the top-right corner.

We always use Google ourselves, as it’s so easy to find the answer without spending too much time on the support line. But OK, if you think your question is unique, or you just want to talk to a human, here’s how you do it… :)

How to request a callback from Wix support

Make sure you're logged in to your Wix account on a computer.

Go to the contact page and choose the category related to your issue or question. Choosing the right one will save time by directing you to a specialised Customer Care Expert. If you can’t find a relevant topic, choose “Other”.

Next you choose your preferred method of contact and wait for a call. We really don’t know how long it might take, as we’ve never had to deal with this. But we can assume it might take some time, considering that the number of Wix users in Australia alone is more than 5 million!

(By the way, you can request Wix support in any language.)

The Wix support live chat is also available in English and several other languages. You’ll see this option as one of the preferred contact methods on the contact page.

We know Wix really cares about their users. Once your ticket is submitted, you’ll receive an email with the ticket number so you can follow its progress. When your issue is resolved and your questions are answered, you’ll be offered the chance to fill in a quality control survey and leave your comments or suggestions on how to improve the Customer Care service.

Local Wix Expert

Contacting local Wix designers is also a great way to get some support. Years of working with the platform has made us true experts. We know Wix inside-and-out and are happy to help you with your website design needs. Sure, it’s not free, but it will be absolutely worth it! :)


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