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Wix Restaurants Print-Ready Menu

As you probably know, Wix Restaurants consists of few soulutions: Reservations - with the feature of booking tables; Orders - allows ordering online for takeout or delivery; and

Menus - for buliding and managing illustrative menues. Three of these applications by Wix are pretty much covering all the needs of the restaurant's website! But anyway, the most basic and most important element of any restaurant and it's website - is it's menu. A good online and offline menu generates sales!

Speaking of menus - using Wix Restaurants Menus is currently allows you not only design and set your ideal menu, but also add a scannable QR code for online orders and even let's you download it in PDF format completely prepared for printing!

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It is the menu that literally allows to build communication between the catering establishment and the client. A classy and usable menu, introduces guests to the restaurant's cuisine and conveys the original concept of the venue. Customers would be able to learn more details and book a table in advance. Wix Menu is easy to adjust - add seasonal dishes, new items and special offers in just a couple of clicks.

Display the diversity of your dishes and beverages using Wix Menu App.


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