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Website Launch Checklist

Did you know that some settings on your Wix website are available only with the premium plan, so you have to go live to be able to configure them? That's probably why they often remain untouched. They aren’t crucial and you can easily go without them (many do) – but these are the very settings which make your website look professional, completing the picture.

To help you make sure that your site is really ready to welcome new users, I’ve gathered a checklist of the least obvious settings!

1. Favicon

The “favicon” (from “FAVouriteICON”) is a small image displayed next to the name of a website in browser title bars or bookmark lists. The standard size for a favicon is 16 x 16 pixels – it’s a tiny but very important element that plays a big role in usability, identification and branding. Despite the accepted standard size, we recommend publishing a larger image (minimum 48 x 48 pixels). You don't need it to be this exact resolution, but the image must be a square shape. The preferred file format for the favicon is PNG, as it supports a transparent background and will be displayed correctly by almost all browsers.

Set up favicon Wix

If your logo doesn't have any separate graphic detail (which is a perfect option for a favicon), you need to come up with it. Using a full logo or a detailed image is not recommended, as it won't be legible at a small size. We always create a favicon in our branding packages (this is responsive logo design). You can upload a favicon to your Wix website in the dashboard settings.

2. Social media sharing

You’ve probably noticed that a link to a website on social media pulls up a title, description and image. The title and description usually come from the SEO settings of the web page, but what about the image? If you haven't set up an image for social sharing, we recommend you do so. Otherwise links will be shown with a random image pulled from your page, or your logo.

Social image Wix

When creating websites for our clients, we usually design the banner specifically for sharing, because we care how links look on social networking platforms. The banner includes a thematic picture or branded illustration, the logo, and the main message or description of your company/service. A link with this custom-made image without doubt increases the chance that users will follow it and land on the site.

In the general settings of your Wix website, you can upload an image like this. You can also go further and customise the look for each page of your website by uploading individual images in their SEO settings.

3. Error page 404

The 404 (Page Not Found) error is not an actual page, but it’s usually seen if a page on a site has been deleted or its URL has changed. In rare cases it can be displayed due to a server malfunction.

It’s not great for a user to land on a 404 page, but the good news is that Wix allows you to customise it. The 404 page should have a link to the home page of the site and an explanation that the page requested is not available. The design of the page is at your discretion. If you don’t configure the page, the user will see the standard 404 page supplied by Wix and most likely leave the site.

404 page design Wix

We pay special attention to the design of 404 pages so that any lost users arrive at the branded error page and understand where they are, why, and how to find the way home. (Read more about setting up 404 pages and our examples of non-existent pages in our article.)

4. Communication

This is another important block in a website’s settings. You must check and set all the notification parameters (channels, e-mail, chat, integration with social networks) for user interaction with the site. Specify which e-mail and notifications you want to receive and test all buttons to send requests from your website.

Inbox Settings Wix

5. Cookies and site privacy policy

In the additional basic settings block (“Settings” > “Advanced”), Wix provides tools to comply with data protection regulations. Always be aware of these regulations in your area and update the privacy policy on your site whenever changes are made. This demonstrates transparency of actions and increases the level of trust from site visitors.

Privacy and Cookies Wix

6. Accessibility (for special needs)

Wix has all the necessary tools to customise websites for people with disabilities. By law, providers in some industries are required to have a version of their website for people with special needs. You can adapt your site for users with disabilities in the settings in the Wix editor. (By the way, this should actually be taken care of when designing your website. If it was created without taking colour contrast or content structure into account, you will basically need to re-do everything.)

Accessibility Wix

Now your Wix website is ready to launch!

(But it’s never too late to check and update these settings on your existing site. :)


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