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Web Design Trends of 2023

2023 is here! So now is the time for designers to be aware of the latest web design trends. These fresh ideas will bring us renewed creativity for all our aesthetic experiments in 2023. In this post, we’ll talk about the leading trends for the coming year.

Glass & crystal elements

Transparent 3D elements with glass and crystal textures give websites a modern and refined look. This includes “glassmorphism” – the introduction of transparent and blurred backgrounds with the effect of glass. These textures can be used in many ways but the most common are as backgrounds and frames. You can also use them as overlays on images or text.

Web Design Trends of 2023 | WIX PRO | Wix Partner |
Glass & crystal elements


These are little tips, comments and other interactive elements that prompt users to take action. This could be illustrations moving along as they scroll, or text that appears after clicking on an image. Interactions help to hold a user's interest, giving them the feeling of being involved and immersed. This provides the valuable impression that they are the chief character in the exchange.


One of the hottest web design trends that will continue to evolve in 2023, this is a style of 3D graphics featuring friendly-looking and attractive humanoids.

Key components:

  • light, pastel and bright colours

  • large, rounded corners

  • double inner shadow

  • outer shadow

Claymorphism is a great choice to give minimalistic projects flavour and dynamism while remaining accessible.

Deliver Secure Melbourne website by WIX PRO

Firm module boundaries

A visual technique implementing a visible grid with straight lines makes site design strict, simple and realistic. It’s an excellent way to display more content without making a page crowded and repetitive. This trend gained popularity in 2022 and will be built on in the coming year.

Salut World Brisbane website by WIX PRO

Lottie animation

One of the most important trends for modern design teams is the use of Lottie animations. This open-source, JSON-based tool was designed to easily create, test and display animations. The Lottie library enables designers to show After Effects-style animation in real time. And it’s not just GIFs – Lottie animations are much smaller in size, but of excellent quality. Just be careful to not include animation for the sake of animation – it’s best to use these to emphasise a point.


Collage shows the world as we would like it to be — a place of discoveries and miracles. In 2023, designers will completely break down the boundaries between the online and physical worlds by embedding digital illustrations into photographs and mixing elements, colours and textures. At times when life seems grey and complicated, it’s creativity that gives us a helping hand and reminds us that we can make magic if we put in the effort.

Abstract gradients

Interesting colour transitions have not lost their relevance but this year they are coming to us abstracted and blurred. The elongated, оrganic forms of abstract gradients give a sense of weightlessness, with soft colours and smoothness enhancing the calming effect. Experts note that this style has been gaining popularity over the past few years, but more recently has become even more charming.. This creative trend will only gather steam in the months and years ahead.

Experimenting with typography

In 2023 we can expect to see a lot of creative and experimental typography. Creative typography is a non-traditional method of using fonts. This includes inverted letters, letters of various sizes, letters in the form of mini-illustrations or symbols and animated letters. Experimental typography is a cool way to stand out from the crowd. The possibilities are practically endless and can help you create a unique and memorable website.

Web Design Trends of 2023 | WIX PRO | Wix Expert |
Creative Typography

Hand-drawn style & author's illustrations

Illustrations have been very popular in the world of web design for a few years now. In 2023, priority will move to the use of stock images for the development of brand illustrations. This style is relaxing and evokes pleasant emotions to convey important messages in a very accessible, human way. Custom illustrations keep users interested and intrigued by a website and its content. The trend will be towards simple, clear drawings in a naive and childlike style.

Revival of punk

Punk is a rebellious counterculture that originated in the backyards of society and remains there to this day. But in 2023 we will witness a resurgence of its popularity – because now there are plenty of reasons to protest. Punk design is a complete rejection of luxury and order. Punk pieces are full of energy; they are a reflection of real life, and viewers take comfort in that honesty. From a visual point of view, punk is characterised by a do-it-yourself approach: careless inscriptions, clippings, mismatched fonts, chaotic collages and so on.

The most important thing in 2023 is to continue to focus on providing users with a website that gives them priority. Users are no longer willing to put up with non-responsive websites with outdated designs. Not only do they expect every site to be customised for every kind of device, but they also want sites to be truly user-friendly and visually appealing. By putting usability and user experience first, it’s easy to determine how a website should look in 2023.


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