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New Tool by Wix

Site Inspection is the new analytics Wix feature to pinpoint issues that may affect your site's performance on Google. You can find it under the SEO tools.

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Basically this tool will streamline all the insights into your site’s SEO well-being straight to your Wix dashboard! No More Google Console! Using this info, you can trace your search engine ranking issues and figure out how to rectify errors.

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Nati Elimelech, Head of SEO at Wix, explained what Wix users would be able to do:

“The tool will report any index status that Google is reporting, sometimes with easier language to understand.

For example, it could be “crawled but not indexed” or “blocked by robots.txt” etc. Each index status detail will have a “learn more” link to an article explaining it and mentioning the common reasons why it could happen, with links to more relevant explanations.

We also tell the users exactly what app and type of page each URL is so they can easily know where they need to take action.”

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The Site Inspection tool is designed to demonstrate:

  • The proportion of your pages that Google has indexed and excluded

  • The most common status details associated with your pages

  • An overview of your site’s usability on mobile devices

  • The index status, status details, mobile usability, and rich results eligibility for each of your URLs

Wix SEO Site Inspection | Wix SEO Specialist | Wix Designer | WIX PRO |

Watch the video below if you want to take a glance at how this works.

The Site Inspection tool is available in English at the moment but more languages will be supported progressively.


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