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TOP 7 Web Design Trends in 2021

1. Asymmetrical layouts

Forget boring symmetrical designs. The new challenge in 2021 is to make layouts asymmetrical by playing with images, colours and element sizes. (This is my favourite – and so easy to do with Wix!).

2. Minimalist or maximalist extremes

Last year we followed the maxim “less is more”, and while it’s still applicable, this year will show us more unexpected layouts in web design. I’ve already seen this trend in the latest award nominees.

3. Videos as design elements

It was already trendy to use video, especially as a “hero image”. But now websites feature increasing amounts of video content: Interviews, announcements, video tours, promos and more.

4. 3D Graphic

Finally we’re bored with photo-based imagery. The use of unique 3D graphics is the leading trend in 2021 and you’ll see many corporate brands turn towards cute vector characters.

5. Interactive 360 video

Thanks to COVID-19, we now have a new reality where we spend more time in front of our screens. It’s started a new trend where the user becomes part of an experience. The offline world is not offline anymore – with 360° video features, we can visit museums and other spaces online. This technology will be used more and more often.

6. Mixes of styles

I’ll blame COVID-19 for this, too. We got bored in isolation and people need to have fun! 🥳

Web designers are just like people ;)

7. Design with love and soul. Just as I do!

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Web design trends often include the use of images and photos as they play a crucial role in creating visually appealing and engaging websites. Unique and custom illustrations and graphics can give a website a distinctive and personalized look. They can be used to explain concepts, tell stories, or enhance the overall design

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