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Email marketing plans by Wix

Email marketing is a great way to engage with new or current customers, sharing regular newsletters, special offers and announcements. You can create an e-mail campaign from scratch or customise one of designer-made Wix email marketing templates.

Starting February 1st, 2023 Wix will be introducing a new subscription service — Email marketing plans. Previously Email marketing features used to be a part of Ascend packages (Ascend is a hub of business tools built into the Wix site dashboard). Stand-alone plans for Email Marketing are going to provide a choice of email sending limit options per plan.

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Important note: Automated emails also are subtracted from the monthly scope.

Yearly subscriptions prices

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The new email marketing plans main points

  • You can still use email marketing for free. Check your monthly balance from your Email Marketing dashboard. Dashboard - Marketing & SEO - Email Marketing

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  • Plans prices may vary depending on your country.

  • From February 1st, 2023 users are not limited to the number of automations they can create, but automated emails count towards monthly email balance.

  • Existing Ascend plans (uncluding emai marketing features) purchased before February 1st, 2023 won't be affected unless auto-renewal was turned off.


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