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Editor X Site Checker

It goes without saying that we always aim to create websites with a seamless user experience, pixel-perfect design and good SEO (search engine optimisation). But there’s always the possibility of unnoticed technical issues behind the scenes. Investigating all the elements and checking each and every page and section on all screen sizes is both time-consuming and exhausting. That’s where Editor X’s amazing Site Checker comes in!

This relatively new tool in Editor X helps you identify all the issues on a web page that might need fixing. It scans the whole page and alerts you to any slip-ups or mistakes. Once the scan is done, it navigates directly to those areas so you can fix them before you embarrass yourself. :) It checks not only design issues, but also SEO, missing links, image quality and much more.

Where do I find it?

Under “Tools” in the top bar, click “Site Checker” and the tool will pop up in the admin panel. You can then easily access it whenever you need to.

Here are some of the issues that Site Checker can help you fix…

Overflowing content

The checker makes sure that elements don't run over the edges of the canvas on any breakpoint and also don't overlap with each other. This is the most common issue in responsive design.

Missing headers

We know that every page must have a unique H1 header for better SEO and the Site Checker will find out if you missed any.

Hidden elements

We can add and hide some elements on a page – and the Site Checker will handily list all of the hidden ones, so you can delete those you don’t need. This is a good idea to keep your pages clean and fast-loading.

Small font

This ensures that all text on a page is readable.

Image quality

Nobody likes blurry images!

How did we ever operate without this magic tool? Since it was released, we’ve used it on every single project to make sure the design is perfect on all possible screen sizes. Take it from us: Site Checker will give you the green light to publish a website with confidence!


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