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Dayful by Wix

Dayful is a brand new tool - a standalone business management platform that may be a great choice for clients that need a management solution, but don't necessarily need a site. Dayful helps businesses of every size succeed across a wide range of industries like beauty, wellness, fitness, education, consultancies and more. Using Dayful allows to delegate most time consuming tasks like scheduling, payments and administrative work and focus on making clients feel their best.

If you hear about this solution for the first time, let’s check it out together. The platform slogan is “Do more, 'to-do' less”. How does that sound? :)

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Look up to see the benefits of Dayful by Wix!

Manage your time

Seamlessly manage your calendars, sync team schedules, set permissions and track staff performance.

Collect booking from different channels

Give clients the freedom to book your services from wherever they are with a custom Booking Page that you can add to your existing sites, Instagram & Facebook pages, Google business listings, and more.

Get payments through app

Get paid online, offline or right from your phone with a fully streamlined collection process. Auto-generate branded invoices, charge credit cards on the spot or share links for clients to pay later.

Send meeting reminders

Send automated email or SMS confirmations, reminders and follow-ups so you don't have to spend time waiting for no-shows or late cancellations.

Make your own loyalty program

Understand how contacts interact with your business, then strengthen connections with tailored offers & personalized experiences.

Keep all business apps in one

Connect to the apps you use most: Google calendar, iCal, Zoom.

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Whether you’re just getting started or mastering advanced features, Dayful by Wix got you covered with an expert team and a library of resources designed to help you succeed.

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