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Creating a User-Friendly Online Form

Helpful tips on how to create a useful form that will work!

Be clear

For each piece of information you’re asking from users, try to ensure that it can only be interpreted as intended. Include examples or prompts where appropriate. Give clear requirements, especially if you ask them to upload a file (the size/format should be clearly specified). For multi-stage forms, always include a “completion bar” so that the user can see how many items are left.

Remember to set up error/success messages and make them clear, too. If a user sees an error, it should tell them exactly what they need to do to fix the data they entered. Good news: Wix forms have all these messages set up by default! But it;s a good idea to check if they’re appropriate for your needs.

You can update all your prompts and error/success notifications to keep the tone on-brand within your form messaging.

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Long forms are overwhelming, even just to look at. Users don’t like dealing with lots of fields. Include only the questions you really need to know answers to. Ask yourself how critical it is to have this information the moment the form is submitted.

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Provide choices

In some cases it’s better to offer choices instead of requiring users to enter information themselves via a text field. It’s also easier to fill out a form on a mobile device when you provide clickable options from which to choose.

For example, if you’re asking for someone’s availability, instead of providing a text field that requires them to write days and times manually, simply provide checkboxes for the days.

The easier your form is to complete, the less likely are users to abandon it.

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Give some breathing room

Where is the best place for a form on a website?

In most cases, putting a form in an automated pop-up (“lightbox”) is a bad idea.

A long form should be placed on its own dedicated page, while a simple form for lead generation can be integrated into the home page or site footer: No need to require an extra click if you just want to capture an email address.

(We often create “Master” sections specifically for a form. That way we can display it on any page we need.)

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Whenever you fill out a form, take note of what you personally dislike about it. Then use these notes to improve your own forms.

Through reviewing and revising, you will come up with your “ideal” form. And by making it easy for customers to connect with you, you’ll make them confident in your brand’s reliability.

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