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Ascend by Wix

Improtant Update!

Beginning on February 1st 2023, following Wix Partners and professionals feedback, Ascend will no longer be offered as a standalone package, and Wix users favorite business tools will be added into the Premium plans.

Exciting key changes are:

  • Ascend top tools like Live Chat, Socials posts, and Promotional Videos will be included for free

  • Forms, previously a part of Ascend plans, will be included according to the chosen Wix Premium plan (4 forms per month are still for free)

  • Email Marketing stand-alone plans will launch and be available to purchase depending on one's needs

Important to mention: if Ascend plan was bought before February 1st 2023, you can continue using it as per the conditions and limits at the time of purchase,

these plans will not be affected (until auto-renewal feature is still on).

Think about making necessary amendments for your or your clients websites before these changes will be rolled out.


Wix has taken all its marketing and online business process management tools and moved them to their own home. Ascend by Wix is a hub of business tools built into your site dashboard, combining everything you need for customer relations management and scaling your business.

All the Wix Ascend tools have long been indispensable to site owners (they are pre-installed on Wix websites and free to use). Only some advanced features require an upgrade to a premium plan, giving you even more functionality.

(Note: Don’t confused this with the Wix premium plan – these are two different products. Having a Wix premium plan doesn’t mean that you will get all the Ascend premium features.)

Let’s take a look at Wix Ascend from every angle and see how it can help you in scaling your business.

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Get visitors from Google & social media channels

SEO master

All the advanced search engine optimisation tools are completely free to use. You can create a custom SEO plan tailored to your business, with a thorough guide on how to implement the required changes. Wix SEO is truly amazing – it allows your website to be promptly indexed by Google with just one click.

Social posting and video maker

Another unbeatable way to boost your site traffic and encourage audience engagement is via social media activity. The Ascend tools let you create eye-catching posts or videos and share them directly on your Facebook, Instagram or Youtube pages.

(If you are very active on social media, you will definitely need to upgrade your Ascend plan so that you can create as many posts as you need, as well as schedule them.)

Marketing integrations

There are many third-party tools to improve your marketing (targeted campaigns, A/B tests, detailed customer insights, etc.) and these can easily be integrated with your Wix site.


Convert site visitors to customers

Live chat

Did you know that business owners who use live chat make up to 300% more sales? Why don't you give it a try?

With live chat on your website, you can reach out at just the right moment to answer questions and close deals. You can also send coupons, request payments, and send product links or services over Wix Chat. Plus all your conversations are stored in your inbox.

Ascend by Wix | Wix Website Designer | WIX PRO | Wix Chat

Remember that promp answers are the key to conversion. Make sure that you are there to answer quickly, or specify set chat hours (premium feature). The Wix Owner app lets you view and respond to chat messages on-the-go and you can also see whether or not any visitors are currently on your site.

Additionally, you can add WhatsApp functionality, allowing chat users to message you via WhatsApp.

Wix Forms

The Wix form builder is easy to install, customise and manage. To learn more about Wix Forms and its features, please read our article. (link)

Ascend by Wix | Wix Website Designer | WIX PRO | Wix Forms

E-mail marketing

E-mail is a popular way to engage with new or current customers, sharing regular newsletters, special offers and announcements. You can create an e-mail campaign from scratch or customise one of our designer-made email marketing templates.

You can then track campaign success in real-time with integrated analytics that show the delivery rate, open rate and clicks. With split tests you can understand which content is getting the best results so you can optimise future campaigns.

(Please remember that a person must give you permission to send them e-mail – so it’s always a good idea to ask permission in any form that you use to capture leads.)

Ascend by Wix | Wix Website Designer | WIX PRO | Email marketing |


Manage your finances

Ascend allows you to create quotes to propose and negotiate pricing for your products and services. Once a quote is accepted, your lead will receive the invoice automatically! You can also set up a branded template for all quotes and invoices. If you have a premium Wix Ascend plan and connected payment method, invoices can be paid online.

Custom discount coupons are an option if you want to encourage first-time sales or get more repeat business. Coupons are a big part of Ascend which you can read about in another of our articles. (link)


Boost return visits

Using Wix you can offer private member accounts for your most engaged visitors. The Members Area is a very powerful tool which can be easily integrated into your website and synchronised with other Wix products such as Wix Events. If you add certain Wix apps (like Stores, Bookings or Blog), a Members Area is added automatically. With a Members Area installed, you can give users permission to access specific pages on your site.

Manage your business


Send the right message at the right time: Wix Automations is a powerful tool that streamlines your work process and saves time on manual tasks. With just a few clicks to set up, you can send automated emails to your visitors, remind them about their invoices, create tasks for your team and much more.

Ascend by Wix | Wix Website Designer | WIX PRO | Wix automations |

Recommended automations are predefined for your site based on the apps you have installed. For example, if you have a “Get Subscribers” form, a recommended automation would be welcoming new subscribers or inviting new contacts to subscribe.


Every new lead who interacts with your site is automatically added to your contacts list. From here, you can assign labels, filter contacts and quickly get in touch.


A workflow is a board that displays all of the steps (columns) in a project so you can easily keep track of every phase. Using workflows you can manage and prioritise your projects, marketing campaigns, sales funnel or any other process you need to monitor.

Tasks & Reminders

With the Tasks & Reminders tool, you’ll stay on-track with your own digital to-do list. The tool is available on desktop and mobile and is completely free! You can create tasks, set due dates and receive notifications when tasks are due. Tasks can be assigned to yourself or anyone on your team, and linked to your contacts. When you're done, simply mark the task as complete.

You can also set up automations that create tasks for you in response to a trigger that you choose!

Why do we recommend Wix Ascend?

If you’re the owner of a Wix website, it’s just logical to use this all-in-one business management suite with integrated, native tools that is synchronised with your site. Not only is it convenient, it’ll make your work and life easier.


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