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We craft every detail of the proposal!

That's how we work.

We create the direction

for your brand

We don't just do a logo design, we create style guide too and it comes as one package deal. We want to be sure it is consistent throughout all your marketing channels because that's how a logo becomes "the brand".


Style guide is like a passport of your brand, it is an essential document where you see how your logo can live integrated in different elements and marketing materials. 

Logo design always starts from an interview. We need to know your business and target market to create relevant branding for you.

You may show a few examples of the logos you like with brief explanation why you like them. Let us know what colours you want or don't want, what type of font you prefer etc. Any direction will ease the design process. However, if you have no idea what you wish to create, then choose to trust our experience and the sense of aesthetics. You will be in good hands!


What you get

Branding is not just a logo design!

Logo Design

Unique logo in all formats you may need for online usage and for printing.

Frame 496.png

Style Guide

A document with all guidelines for using your logo:




Frame 495.png

Branded Stationery

Business Card Design


Covers for social media

Instagram feed and more*

*Specific items can be included with an extra fee

Branding Package

Logo and Briefe Style Guide

Frame 525.png

Logo Design

4-5 days

3-4 design concepts for your logo

Frame 527.png

Review and Approval

1-2 days

You need to choose one logo you like the most with one review with the clear understanding of what you would like to amend.

Frame 526.png

Style Guide 

4-5 days

Style guide development


How much does branding cost?

Branding Only Package


Branding Package
(if we create website too)


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